May 22, 2006 (Yes, it has been a long time)
By popular demand, there has been an Amx Mod port of the infamous sounds plugin. Please find it in the amxmod forums here.

August 30, 2003
Test out how all the functions in the file actually work!
Try using the command "admin_test playercount()"
This plugin is not officially supported by me. It may be obsolete.

Updated for 2.50.50:

Famous sounds

Ban names or clan tags from your server

Ears for the admins

Cool console greeting

Fun with gambling

Fast-talking, key-binding...

Legacy plugins that should still work, but are not kept up-to-date

Artificial intelligence
But Spooge's auto-response is way better from

Flood protection (now included as the standard Admin Mod antiflood plugin)

Soft shutdown

Luke Sankey

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